Thank you for your interest in advertising on pages provided by HintzeOnline.


Advertising prices are based on a bi-weekly bases.
Pricing is as follows (current prices are subject to change without notice):


  • US $ 38 for Banner Images
  • US $ 20 for Button Images

For substantial price breaks on advertising packs of larger than 3 months, please contact us.

All advertising invoices must be paid within 5 days of the invoice date. All advertising sales are final.

Technical Specifications

In order to maintain a balance between compelling advertisements and server speed, the following guidelines for advertising graphics at HintzeOnline have been established.

Image File Format:GIF or JPG format
Banner Dimensions: 460 pixels wide by 55 pixels tall
Button Dimensions: 80 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall
Image Colors: Up to 16.7 million colors
Banner File Size: 15kB maximum size
Button File Size: 6kB maximum size
Animated GIFs: Possible (89a format only)
JAVA Ads: No

Please email all advertising graphics to

Advertising Restrictions

HintzeOnline reserves the right to refuse any advertising request, or to cancel advertisements that do not fulfill the obligations set forth in the advertising agreement. HintzeOnline does not accept advertising requests from organizations selling products or services related to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or pornography. Prices are valid for the entire advertising term. Current prices are subject to change without notice. HintzeOnline reserves the right to make editorial changes to the advertising program at any time without notice.

Advertising Agreement

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