Gerald Reinken, Sharad P. Kale and Fritz Führ
Distribution pattern of organic carbon.

Raimund Schneider and Dietmar Schröder
Properties of soils under different type of management.

Thomas Hintze
What is the difference

E.O. Skogley et al.
Laboratory and Field Methodologies for Use of Resin Capsules

Chia M. Chang, Shan-Li Wang and Ming K. Wang
A local density functional study on the deprotonation of hexaaqua aluminum complex

Steffen Zacharias and Klaus Bohne
Replacing the field capacity concept by an internal drainage approach

Skogley E.O., Dobermann A., Yang J.E., Schaff B.E., Adviento M.A.A. and Pampolino M.F.
Methodologies for Resin Capsules: Capsule Storage and Ion Recovery

Klaus Kaiser and Wolfgang Zech
Natural organic matter sorption on different mineral surfaces studied by DRIFT spectroscopy

Peter Lockwood and Heiko Daniel
Computer-assisted teaching in soil science

M. Bragaloni, R. Pirazzi, E. Rea and G. Puppi
Infection of valuable broadleaf hardwood trees by Glomus mosseae: growth and mineral nutrition

Martin Zimmer
Combined methods for the determination of lignin and cellulose in leaf litter Replacing the field capacity concept by an internal drainage approach

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