SCIENCES of SOILS is an international journal. This means that the computer hardware of our readers varies over a broad range. Some have fast and others have slow Internet connections and the WEB browsers used support different sets of features. SCIENCES of SOILS has been designed to be readable by everybody interested in soil science, worldwide. That is why the quantity of graphics has been deliberately limited to avoid long download times. This is also why you will not find frames in this journal yet, and the pages have not been optimized for a particular WEB browser.
To be sure that you get the best results, when viewing, reading and using SCIENCES of SOILS, here are some recommendations:

  • Use a graphical WEB browser
  • The browser should support HTML3/3.2
  • Use 8-bit color resolution (=256 colors)
  • Use a monitor resolution of at least 800*600 pixels
  • Text fonts such as Times New Roman or New Century Schoolbook, with a size of 12 or 14 pixels, are recommended

  • Be sure the cache option of your browser is activated and sufficiently large (at least 1MB of memory cache is recommended)
  • If your Internet connection is very slow you can switch off the Image Autoload of your browser

All the pages have been tested carefully on various operating systems and with different WEB browsers. Nevertheless there may occur mistakes. In this case please send a message to webmaster@hintze-online.com, and we will work on a solution.

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Last updated: September 20th 1996
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