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SCIENCES of SOILS provides an international peer-reviewed Online Forum on a broad range of topics of interest to soil scientists. SCIENCES of SOILS benefits from the advantages of electronic publishing on the World_Wide_Web (also known as the WEB, WWW or W3), which make it ideally suited to scientific publishing:
has no page charges.
  • unlimited worldwide access
  • rapid publication of articles
  • unlimited pages (within reasonable bounds)
  • graphical features (e.g. coloured figures and photos)
  • coordinate sets for 3-D models
  • direct and easy communication between author(s) and reader(s)
  • complete multimedia presentation to expand the kind of information that can be presented.
Articles may include new experimental results, descriptions of new experimental methods of pedological importance, or new interpretations of existing results. Theoretical contributions will be considered equally. Workshop presentations or material for additional issues on particular topics are also welcome.


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