This page gives Announcements of events such as national or international congresses, workshops or meetings, with topics related to soil science. To enable it to be as relevant as possible, all readers are asked to contribute to this page. If you know of any such events, please feel free to forward the information to this journal, for it to be announced in SCIENCES of SOILS. Please give the date and place of the event, add a brief description of its topics, and state the address to be contacted for further information (please give complete postal and e-mail addresses, phone- and fax-numbers, if possible).
The information given here depends entirely on what has been supplied by the communicating organization or individual. SCIENCES of SOILS can not guarantee the accuracy of the announcements made.



note4b.gif IBC Conference on Remediation Strategies for Heterogeneous Environments

Date: January 28th to 29th 1998
Location: New Orleans, LA, USA

This conference will serve to provide delegates unique practical strategies which industry can use to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of remediation projects. Abstracts should focus on real-life examples and clearly illustrate novel benefits/strategies learned from the experience -- case studies with novel hard data will be given preferential treatment. Presentations based solely on a company product or service will not be accepted. Presentations are encouraged from both academia and industry, however please note that the focus of the program/presentations should be on industry and implementable solutions.


Derek Hayden Kealey, Conference Producer, IBC Conferences
Fax: (USA) 508-481-4473

note4b.gif Productive Use and Rehabilitation of Saline Land

Date: March 10th to 12th 1998
Location: Tamworth, NSW, Australia

This conference is the fifth in a series of biennial conferences organised under the umbrella of the National Committee for the Productive Use and Rehabilitation of Saline Land (PURSL). The conference is aimed at bringing together land managers, administrators and researchers in this field.

There will be two days of talks with 4 sessions comprising:

  1. Extent, future trends and R&D
  2. Managing salinity at different scales
  3. Constraints (practical, technical and economic)
  4. The way forward

Oral presentations will be restricted to 4-6 per session. Therefore posters and displays are actively encouraged.
A detailed brochure outlining the draft program and further details (costs) is available.

Contact Nico Marcar, CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products, Canberra, Australia

note4b.gif 16th Biennial Conference of the Australian Clay Minerals Society

Date: June 29th to July 1st 1998
Location: Brisbane, Australia

The 16th biennial conference of the Australian Clay Minerals Society will cover a wide range of topics of interest to the Australian and international clay mineral community. It will build on the success of previous conferences by the Australian Clay Mineral Society. A preliminary list of topics is:

  • Clays in industry
  • Clays in the environment
  • Surface and interlayer reactions
  • Clay mineral structures and chemistry
  • Clay geology
  • Soil mineralogy
  • Techniques

On the second day of the conference there will be a field trip to local sites with a clay minerals focus. In addition the conference will be followed by a 2-day field trip looking at clay minerals in the SouthEast Queensland region.


The conference will be held at the Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Campus, George Street, Brisbane, Australia.


Intent to register and titles of papers are due on the 1/2/98. Payment and abstracts are due on 1/5/98. Details of the format for abstract preparation will be circulated with your registration acknowledgment


Ray Frost, Centre for Instrumental and Developmental Chemistry, Queensland University of Technology
Phone: +61 (7) 3864 2407 Fax: +61 (7) 3864 1804

note4b.gif Soil Ecological Tour in Russia

Date: July/August 1998
Location: Russia

The tour -- which has already taken place successfully in 1993, 1994 and 1995 -- will be patronised by the Timiriazev Agricultural Academy from Moscow; it is designed and is supervised by specialists in soil and environmental sciences from different research institutes of Russia. The objectives of the tour comprise: education in the fields of soil science, ecology and geography, scientific contacts - exchange of ideas, development of personal contacts, discussing probable joint research projects, including those aimed at supporting scientific experimental stations or natural reserves.

The field tour allows an opportunity to study zonal soils, climate, vegetation, to observe basic features of landscapes, including characteristics of relief and sediments, processes of natural ecosystems' evolution and dynamics, as well as their Holocene history. Problems of sustainable land use and environmental control, differences of nutrient circulation in agricultural and natural ecosystems are tackled. The tour starts in southern taiga zone north of Moscow (Podzols, Podzoluvisols), crosses the forest-steppe (Luvisols, Greyzems) and typical steppe zones (Phaeozems, Chernozems), where a unique biospheric reserve with a deep Russian Chernozem ("Streletskaya steppe" near Kursk) is demonstrated, as well as 100 years old experiments on sustainable land use initiated by Dokuchaev ("Dokuchaev oasis" in Kamennaya steppe). Semi-desertic soils - Calcisols, Solonetzes, Vertisols and an evolutionary sequence of Fluvisols within the Volga valley are shown near Volgograd.

Presentation of about 30 soil pits during the tour (more than one third of the soil types according to FAO-classification) is focused on discussing soil morphology as related to soil-forming agents and processes; it is followed by discussing correlations between the Russian and International taxonomic systems (FAO, German classification), land use facilities.

Students and young research and teaching professionals, specialised in soil science, land managements and control, agricultural sciences, geography, environmental studies are invited. This tour may be interesting for both high-class specialists for their own research programs and discussions with Russian participants, as well as for non-specialists wishing to get acquainted with Russian nature, history and mode of living.

This 3-week July-August bus tour with camp stops and visits to famous historical monuments is provided with German and/or English simultaneous translation. Additional information about the next tour, costs, program and other may be obtained from:

Contact Yakov Kuzyakov, Institute of Soil Science and Land Evaluation (310), University of Hohenheim, Fruewirthstr. 12, D-70599 Stuttgart, Germany
Phone: +49 711 / 459-3669; Fax: +49 711 / 459-4071

note4b.gif International Conference on China Environment, Law, Policy, Technology, and Business

Date: August16th to August 20th 1998
Location: Beijing. P.R. China


The primary objective of this conference is to bridge Chinese environmental community and industry with the rest of the world. Specifically, the conference is intended to provide a platform for industry leaders, policy makers, investors, consultants and researchers from all over the world to exchange and learn the current status and trend of China environmental laws and policies, the booming environmental market, the technology need and business opportunities.


The maximum words allowed in each abstract is limited to 400. The abstract and paper, if accepted, can be in either English and Chinese, though English is preferred. A translator will be provided during the presentation at the conference.

Abstracts must clearly define the objectives of the presentations, what was done and what was found, what conclusions were drawn, and what the findings mean to China and/or international environmental industry.

The abstract is due on March 1, 1998. The corresponding author of each abstract will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of the proposed paper by May 1, 1998.

There is no limit to the number of the abstracts that maybe submitted by an individual. PACE membership is not a requirement for acceptance.
Speakers will be responsible for paying their own travel expenses and registration fees as well as expenses associated with historical site visits, but will receive complimentary registration (i.e., no registration fee). Some financial assistance may be available to student speakers whose papers are selected for presentations.


Dr. Y. Yang Gong, Louis Berger International, Inc., 30 Vreeland Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932, USA
Tel: (USA) 201-678-1960@420; Fax: (USA) 201-676-3564

note4b.gif 16th World Congress of Soil Science

Date: August 20th to August 26th 1998
Location: Montpellier, France

Congress Secretariat:

16ème Congrès Mondial de Science du Sol Agropolis
Avenue Agropolis, 34394 Montpellier Cedex 5, France,
Tél. (33) 67 04 75 38 Fax (33) 67 04 75 49

note4b.gif 15th Conference on Clay Mineralogy and Petrology

Date: September 6th to 10th 199
Location: Brno, Czech Republic

The conference will be held on the campus of Masaryk University in Brno, September 6 - 10, 1998 under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment with the participation of UNESCO/IUGS' International Geological Correlation Programme. The scientific program will cover all topics of theoretical and applied clay science. The principal themes of its proceedings will be:

  • Clay mineralogy and petrology
  • Applied research of clay materials
  • Industrial applications of clay science
  • Clay minerals and the environment
  • Clays in soil research
  • Zeolites and their usage

Simultaneously, the Annual Meeting of all participants and scientists interested in the I.G.C. Project 405: "Anthropogenic Impact on Weathering Processes" will be held. It will comprise two workshops:

  • The dual role of clay minerals in weathering
  • Weathering of industrial waste (mining waste, coal combustion residues, slags, etc.)

The program of the conference will be complemented with multi-dimensional excursion(s) to Neogene clay deposits, Recent vineyards, and industrial enterprises utilising clays, as well as social events for the participants and accompanying guests.


  • Receipt of the preliminary registrations: January 15, 1998
  • The distribution of the second circular: February 1998
  • Submission of camera-ready abstracts with registration fee payment May 5, 1998
  • Distribution of the 3rd Circular with Conference program July 1998
  • Conference sessions, submission and remittance of full-text manuscripts:6 -10 September, 1998
  • Registration fees for the Meeting will be:
    • Participants US$ 150
    • Students US$ 70
    • Accompanying Guests US$ 50

Registration after deadline will have a 20% increase in price. Students will have to present an official certification. The IGCP#405 participants from less developed countries are eligible to obtain financial support from IGCP#405 funds to cover registration +/- accommodation fee. Registration will entitle to the Book of Abstracts volume, attendance of scientific sessions, participation in social events as well as the conference dinner. Accompanying Guests will be entitled to above activities with the exception of the Abstracts volume.


Secretariat of 15th Clay Conference, Dept. of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry,Kotlarska 2, CZ 611 37 Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC
e-mail: email:

note4b.gif International Humic Substances Society - 9th International Meeting

Date: September 21th to 25th 1998
Location: Adelaide, Australia


The aim of this international conference is to advance the fields of humic substances and organic matter research by providing a forum for the sharing of current expertise between researchers in these disciplines and to enhance the communication and collaboration of researchers in Australia with those from other parts of the world.


The main topics to be covered by the conference are:

  1. Characterisation -Size, structure and functional group content
  2. Origin and fate -Bio-markers, C-cycling, degradation, adsorption
  3. Aquatic systems -Transport, pollutants, transformation, sediments
  4. Soil systems -Interactions, amelioration, pollutants and transport
  5. Geochemical systems -Coal and petroleum industry, mineral processing
  6. Water treatment -Removal or transformation, disinfection products


The conference will be held over 5 days, which includes four days of scientific sessions, an excursion day and a conference dinner.


Internationally recognised scientists from a wide range of countries are being invited to present the keynote lectures. The selection of these speakers will be carried out to enable innovative research and areas of inter-disciplinary interest to be highlighted.


Both Oral and Poster presentations will be incorporated into the conference sessions. A call for papers will be made in the Second Announcement brochure, giving details of abstract presentation. All participants who have abstracts accepted (as either oral or poster presentations) will be invited to submit their presentation as a paper to be published as part of the conference proceedings. Papers published in the proceedings will be refereed before acceptance for publication.


The Conference Organization is being carried out under the direction of the National Chapter of the IHSS in Australia. The chairman of this committee is Dr Roger Swift, a Past President of the IHSS. The Conference Program is under the direction of a committee made up of international representatives of the IHSS. This committee has been selected to represent a wide variety of countries and research interests incorporating the field of humic substances and organic matter.


Dr. Kaye Spark, IHSS-9 Conference Secretary, CRC for Water Quality and Treatment, PMB 3, Salisbury, SA 5108, AUSTRALIA
Phone: +61 8 8259 0347 Fax: +61 8 82590228


note4b.gif XV INQUA 1999 CONGRESS

Date: August 3rd to August 11th 1999
Location: Durban, South Africa

The Congress will open with a one-day symposium devoted to the Congress theme: "Environmental background to hominid evolution in Africa".

Thereafter symposia and workshops will address key issues in Quaternary studies including glaciation, palaeohydrology, loess, neotectonics, palaeoclimate, palaeopedology, tephrochronology, human palaeoecology, terrestrial carbon, shorelines, vegetation history and stratigraphy.
A range of pre- and post-congress excursions is offered to important sites in Southern Africa countries.
The first circular and pre-registration forms are available on the Congress Internet Homepage at the following address:
Alternatively, the circular may be obtained from Mrs E Aucamp, PO Box 798, Silverton PRETORIA, 0001 South Africa Fax: +27-12-8411221, E-mail:


Secretary-General, PO Box 61, Cape Town 8000 South Africa
Fax: Fax:+27-21-246716

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