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November 12th 1997

Automatic Mailing List

  • Subscribing and UNsubscribing to the journal made more comfortable. Simply use the new Mailing List Form.

June 17th 1997

Publishing Danish Symposium

June 16th 1997

Advisory Board

  • M. Kirby has joined the advisory board

May 28th 1997

SoS and ecomed

  • SCIENCES of SOILS and ecomed-publishers (one of the most important German scientific publishers) started their cooperation.

March 25th 1997

Advisory Board

March 3rd 1997

Advisory Board

February 20th 1997

Soils Online

February 18th 1997

Advisory Board

February 11th 1997

Advisory Board

February 3rd 1997

Advisory Board

January 23th 1997

Cyber Soils

January 10th 1997

ISSN Registration

  • International Standard Serial Number of SoS: 1432-9492

December 20th 1996

Now supporting

December 4th 1996

Now supporting

  • Excel and Excel-compatible tables
  • Word 6.0 and StarWriter 3.0/3.1 files

    for manuscript submissions.
    For further details see Instructions for Authors.

SoS mailing list

    The SoS mailing list provides regular e-mail information about recently published articles and news in the journal, etc. Subscribe by sending an e-mail to: with the following message in the body:

    subscribe sos-mailing-list Your_Name Your_E-Mail_Address

November 12th 1996

New Equipment

SoS has become one of the fastest services on the Net with new 155 megabit (OC-3) ATM. The previous bandwidth has been increased by a factor of 15.5 !!!

Under construction

SoS Database

The SoS Database allows users to look up authors who have published in the journal, and to perform keyword searches.

New layout

An alternative version of the journal is planned, with more graphics to permit more intuitive navigation.

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