SoS - XChange offers readers the possibility of discussing soil science related topics with one another. It provides contact between soil scientists regardless of where they are. There are two XChange sections:

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Discussion Groups relate to subjects of general interest to soil scientists such as methodological topics, sampling design, statistical problems, etc. To serve all interests and to address all problems, anyone can initiate a Discussion Group: please contact the editor. To contribute to a particular Discussion Group, fill out the form at the end of the group's page and submit your message. It will be appended immediately. To see the list of all groups already availabe click on the button above.

Discussion Lists relate to articles published in the journal. They offer the possibility of discussing the contents of an article with the author(s). You may also raise questions of general interest that are related to the topic of the article. To contribute to a particular Discussion List, you will find a form at the end of every article and at the end the list's page. To see all available lists click on the button above.

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